Shetron Profile

Shetron is a packaging solutions company that partners with clients to provide quality, reliability of service and innovative solutions.

Shetron is a metal packaging company focused on creating packaging solutions for the food industry. Shetron Limited was incorporated in 1980 and commenced production in 1984 of Dry Cell Battery Jackets/Components and later on of Metal Cans and Lug Caps for Food. Shetron is one of the leading manufacturers of Cans, Twist off Caps(Lug Caps), Dry Cell Battery Jackets and Printed Metal Sheets in South Asia. 

In the Cans category, the company has: Food Cans and Ends, ConiPails and Drums for paints, Shaped cans for whiskey, dry fruits, confectionery and other promotional and limited-edition packs. The other products are, Twist off Caps(Lug Caps),Printed Metal Sheets , Dry-cell Battery Jackets and Components. 

Shetron is the dominant supplier for many multinational industries. Shetron has decades of experience providing metal packaging for the food industry and other many leading companies with all their metal packaging needs.

With world-class manufacturing facilities, Shetron offers products of international standards that are created using the latest technologies, ensuring the highest possible quality. We partner with our customers in designing packaging that suits their every need.