Goodness of metal Products

Tin Cans provide the longest shelf life (up to 3 years), in comparison with pouch or plastic containers. This helps in reducing global food wastage and can make a considerable difference in a major issue the planet is facing: food insecurity.

3-Pc Can is used for the retort and pasteurization process. Over the past centuries, canning has attained process maturity and high production efficiency. A mature technology, availability of time-tested production equipment, and high production efficiency is the recipe to meet a variety of product packaging challenges.

Metal Packaging has the most recyclable material, as compared to plastic and glass with an unmatched rate of 70 to 75% in developed countries.

3 Pc Can offer attractive multi-colour print and finish. Tin Plate can be beautifully decorated: metallic, conventional CMYK , bright and beautiful; is an excellent sales package.

Being rigid and sturdy, Metal Packaging provides the best logistics protection. Tin Cans generally have a faster-filling speed than pouch and glass packaging. Easy-Open Lid has enhanced the can convenience, without the need of can opening tool.

Additionally, Metal Packaging has the best tamper-proof feature: be it with Easy-open lids, Penney Liver lids, or normal lid.Continued improvement in steel material, enables thinner and tougher cans to be developed and drive down the metal packaging cost continually over the years.

Various shaped and decorated cans are ideal for the  luxury packaging of whiskeys, wines, spirits, biscuits, confectionery, and other limited-edition and promotional products.